Anaren is Proud to Celebrate 50 Years of Business, Innovation, and Success

On August 11, 1967, Hugh Hair and Carl Gerst Jr. founded Anaren to provide frequency measurement receivers to support America’s military defense capabilities. With the founding of Anaren came a vision: to build upon their own newly developed proprietary technology to innovate for future generations, and to foster an environment based on integrity and quality in everything they do.

A half-century later, we have continued the legacy of our founders to pioneer new technologies and innovations, and advance as a company. During this time, Anaren has grown from the two employees it began with to employing more than 1,000, and has expanded from a single facility in Upstate New York to four worldwide locations. We have evolved from our military defense supplier roots -- which have grown significantly -- to also providing high frequency components and subsystems for terrestrial and space based communications markets. And along the way, Anaren has built a sterling reputation on our ability to deliver innovative products of the highest quality with industry leading performance.

Anaren's Origins

As we celebrate our 50th year, we reflect on our past and prepare for our future. The tremendous success and expansion Anaren has enjoyed over this time is a testament to the contributions of those who have helped shape Anaren into a world-class organization. For that, we want to extend our sincerest gratitude and thank you.

Thank You

To Hugh and Carl

 Thanks to the courage and foresight of our founders, for everything that Anaren has accomplished in its 50-year history has been made possible because of them. This anniversary is a time to celebrate our heritage and the principles upon which they built Anaren and bestowed on all of us. They were innovators, leaders, and mentors that laid the foundation for what Anaren has become today.

Thank You

To Our Customers

From our inception working with numerous defense prime contractors, forging partnerships that have spanned decades of business together. You have been paramount to the accomplishments of our company, working together to develop and manufacture products that have had a profound impact on our country’s military capabilities. And to the vast array of customers that we have gained over the last 30 years of diversifying our business, you have helped us redefine Anaren, and have encouraged us to innovate next generation technologies that have been instrumental in our growth and success.

Thank You

To Our Employees

The great products and services we provide, as well as the reputation we have built, are thanks to the incredible team of Anaren associates. It is your dedication, hard work, and desire to continuously improve and innovate that has enabled Anaren to prosper. Our employees have kept the legacy of our founders firmly intact through the integrity, quality, and innovative spirit they have demonstrated each and every day, and their efforts in creating a technological leader and inspiring work environment cannot be understated.

With 50 years now behind us, it is also time to plant our flag for the next 50 years, and consider how we can continuously improve our business and strive to make the world a better place. Thank you again for all of your significant contributions to the success of Anaren, as we look forward with great enthusiasm to Anaren's future and ask, "What'll we think of next?"

Lawrence A. Sala

President and Chief Executive Officer

Anaren 50 Year Anniversary

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